Our Story

The "CUK" (/kʊk/) in CUKTECH is the recognition of the Čuk circuit, which is a special type of DC-DC circuit topology proposed by Slobodan Čuk in 1976. The CUK circuit's high efficiency, low ripple, and flexibility not only align with the modern demand for efficient energy utilization. Over 50% of our staff are dedicated to the R&D and Quality Assurance Department. CUKTECH insists on innovative product design, demanding strict attention to detail, and creating products that users love.

In 2016, CUKTECH started as an OEM company and has focused on developing chargers and power banks for years. In 2022, we merged with ZMI's core team. Its clients include international tech giants like LG, Hitachi, and XIAOMI. Its core team has also been responsible for ZMI's operation for 10 years and has a reputation for high quality. Currently, over 50% of the CUKTECH team is dedicated to R&D and Quality Assurance. Our team has shipped more than 150 million units of power banks and more than 20 million chargers under CUKTECH&ZMI and brands including XIAOMI, LG, and Hitachi. We also ship out more than 70 million battery units each year.

"Focusing on next-generation portable charging and power supply services."

Strong R&D focus

Over 50% of our staff is dedicated to R&D. At CUKTECH, we prioritize innovative product design, place a strong emphasis on meticulous attention to detail, and strive to create products that users love. Our commitment to excellence has been recognized through multiple international industrial design awards, including the German iF Design Award, the German Red Dot Award, and the Japanese G-Mark Award. These accolades have earned us a strong reputation and recognition within the industry and among users.

Experienced and focused

We specialize in the Power Bank and Charger industries. Our team has shipped over 150 million units of power banks and more than 20 million chargers under the CUKTECH&ZMI brands, as well as renowned brands like XIAOMI, LG, and Hitachi. Additionally, we dispatch more than 70 million battery units annually. Our products are distributed through channels in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.